15 thoughts on “Hats Of Bolivia.

  1. How did you get all of these beautiful pictures? I’ve been feeling shy about asking Bolivians for their photo because of the superstition that a photo steals one’s soul. Any tips for asking people for their photo?


    1. Sometimes I ask if I can take a photo. I think for many of these I did not. They were taken in crowded places – at markets, festivals or fairs, or on the street. It takes patience. I don’t get my camera out straight away. I watch, look for a good position, feel my way. Sometimes it’s good to get a ‘posed’ photo – but I’m a great fan of respectful candid photography. Asking can be difficult. I would say practice it and don’t mind too much if you get a ‘no’. Respect that and move on. The next problem is when people say yes and ask for money – still thinking about that one! Good luck with it all.


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