You never know when something wonderful is going to happen. Often you don’t even know it’s wonderful when it’s happening. It was a morning like any other, I was half listening to the BBC Breakfast news while sipping my coffee and munching my toast. I caught snatches of an item – living rent free, minding pets, housesitting. The item was about TrustedHousesitters. I checked out their website and knew immediately that this was something for us. A perfect fit – a chance to be homebodies when we weren’t travelling, a chance to go deeper, let go some more.

Now we’ve about thirty house sittings under our belt. We’ve kept a water mill turning in Cumbria, milked goats, nursed sick chickens and walked countless dogs. House sitting lets us live like locals, allows us to stay put for a while,  and to do all the small stuff – lounge on a couch, cook and watch TV. It gives us a chance to breathe, to process and to plan. Best of all it gives us the chance to meet some great people and make wonderful furry friends.

When you don’t have a home of your own it’s great to be able to share someone else’s.