13 thoughts on “Our House In The Middle Of Our Street.

  1. A precious month, Tracey. I will hope it crawls at a hopeless pace, but then you know that in the midst of such beauty, time always, always flies. It is best to soak up its quiet when the crowds have melted away. xx


  2. Wonderful writing and fabulous photos. I was right there with you, and at the same time envious that I’m not really actually in Venice, one of my favourite places in the world. We had only a week there, long ago, and I remember being in one of those goldolas, insisting that we didn’t want to be on the Grand Canal but exploring the backwaters instead, and spending hours walking and walking getting lost in all the little calles.
    How wonderful to be able to have a whole month there.

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  3. At least you had a week Alison, many people it seems, don’t even spend a night there. And like you, I wished I was back there, when I reread this post. It’s such an amazing, totally unique city.


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