Zen and Zzzz’s in Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam March 2020.

The Vietnamese are masters at the art of catching Zzz’s. Oh to be able to sleep like that, draped over a motorbike, perched on a chair, sitting behind a stall.  Jokingly they say they can sleep anywhere. These pictures seem to prove it!


DSCN2074 (2)

DSCN1583 (2)

DSCN1578 (2)

DSCN1531 (2)

DSCN0867 (2)

DSCN0541 (2)

DSCN7324 (2)

DSCN7308 (2)

DSCN7676 (2)

DSCN7631 (2)

DSCN7595 (2)

DSCN7096 (2)

DSCN6622 (2)

27 thoughts on “Zen and Zzzz’s in Vietnam.

  1. I love this post and how you’ve grouped all these photos together around a similar theme!

    I wish I could sleep that easily, though just looking at that guy so precariously balanced on his motorcycle makes me nervous 😀


  2. It’s been said by those in the know, that a quick wink or two revives our body. I am yet to realise that as I can’t sleep during the day no matter how tired I am. The images portray Vietnamese life to a “T”, well, the quieter side of it 🙂 Good to read a post from you, realised I hadn’t done so when I liked your post!!


  3. What a fascinating collection, my favourite is the old woman with face resting in palm and zzzz 🙂 also the brilliant hammock in the back of that pickup… real nice.


  4. Nice bouquet of sleeping shots in Viet Nam… Definitely a Vietnamese feature of life. I recall with fondness going to the clothing part of the market in Hoi An during the heat of the day, and finding everyone asleep on tables, floors, piles of clothes. What was I thinking … going there mid day during nap time. Terrific post. Thanks for the memories.



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