17 thoughts on “Mui Ne, Fishing Village – in pictures.

  1. Hi Tracey, Love your photos! They bring me back to my visit to Mui Ne, 12 years ago. The landscape is much the same (love those fishing boats), except that the beach looks MUCH more crowded than I recall back ‘then’. Isn’t that the case, though, with pretty much everywhere? Thanks for taking me on this nostalgic trip back to a country that surprised me at every turn – not just the pho!


    1. Thank you! I think Mui Ne must have changed a lot in 12 years. It wasn’t at all what we were hoping for. Glad this bought back some memories for you though. I think we’re all looking back on and appreciating past travels at the moment!

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      1. Indeed. I think most places that once were quaint have changed – in some ways, not in the best or most sustainable ways. Thank goodness for our travel memories!


  2. Amazing photos! We also try to understand different aspects of people lives when we travel. Well worth the morning visit on the shore🙂


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