Faces of Jamnagar.

Jamnagar, Gujarat 2009. 

Some of the friendly faces encountered around town.

Henna Beard. A plastic spoon salesman at the market. When I asked if I could take his photograph, he started juggling with his wares. This was the ‘ta da’ moment at the end of his act.


The festival of Maharram.


Goatman. I loved his colour and jewellery. He loved being photographed.


Friends. These men asked to be photographed. Although they look far from happy, they were delighted with the result.


Milk Farmer. 


Mates. The man on the right asked if I would take a photo of his friend. He clowned around, his friend stood shyly by his side.


Breakfast by the lake. This man had a wonderful smile. I asked if I could take his photograph. He motioned that I should wait, put on his cap, and a serious face, and then was ready. As soon as I put the camera aside and thanked him, his smile reappeared.


Jaggery Salesman.


Women are elusive in India. Men are ubiquitous. I snapped these ladies outside their house, resting in the cool of the early evening.


15 thoughts on “Faces of Jamnagar.

  1. Great photos here!

    The henna beard… many Muslim men in Sri Lanka sport this look. 🙂

    I do love how most Indians enjoy having their photos taken, it certainly makes life easier for those of us that enjoy street photography.



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