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You know you’re a house-sitter when you see a painting of a dog in one chair, and a girl in the other, and think ‘oh no, how sad’. Mary Cassatt’s girl does look a bit fed up. One of the perks of house-sitting – there’s always someone to share the sofa!

Some let you drink your first cuppa quietly.

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Others perch stylishly on the edge.

DSCN1728 - Copy

Some want to hold hands.

DSCN5018 (3) - Copy

Others take up as much space as they’re able.

P1190253 - Copy - Copy

Some have no dignity at all.

DSCN2413 - Copy (2)

But when you’re sitting six dogs and five cats you better sit down quick and stay put.

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14 thoughts on “Couch-Sharing.

  1. Some of the cats were on medication and some had to be kept apart from others – a complicated routine of room changing and stringent door opening. And the cats and dogs had to kept apart from each other… it was a riot!


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