Happy New Year.

How difficult it is to pick highlights out of a packed year. So many places big and small. Countless seemingly inconsequential moments of happiness. What I see is not a destination but a detail – a colour, a shape, an expression. Housesitting interspersed with trips to far flung lands. Animals. People. Friends. Food. Joy. Learning, always learning. I give thanks for it all. 2017 was a fabulous year. May 2018 bring more of the same.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, wonderful year.

P1250456 (2)

DSCN3744 (2)

DSCN3236 (2)

DSCN2867 (2)

P1310431 (2)

DSCN1584 (2)

DSCN2649 (2)

DSCN2640 (2)


P1310323 (2)

P1280569 (2)


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year.

  1. Great photos Tracey, as usual. Where is the Castle? And is the lake as it was before we arrived but which we never saw? Similar weather here in France since we arrived but here’s hoping 2018 is as good as 2017.


  2. It is Carreg Cennen Castle – one of those imposing Welsh fortresses in Carmarthenshire. Absolutely beautiful. And yes it was ‘our’ lake in a nano second of sunshine. Greetings and good year wishes to you all there in Normandy. Enjoy!


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